Privacy Policy

We, at CNDcasinobonus, are dedicated to protecting and securing your personal data in various ways. This section covers the privacy policy, which describes the measures undertaken by us to protect the information that you provide to us when you browse through our website or sign up for our newsletter.

When you sign up for the website’s newsletter and push notifications, you agree that you are providing CNDcasinobonus with the right of making use of your personal information to optimize your experience on the website.

Information collected

When you visit our website or sign up for the CNDcasinobonus newsletter, the following information may be collected from you:

  • Personal information that you provide while signing up, which includes email, name, phone number, country, etc.
  • Data acquired by conducting surveys and competitions
  • Any records of correspondence between you and our employees
  • Information pertaining to your search patterns which we obtain through cookies which are particularly permitted by you: location, traffic data and other information that is connected with your engagement with the site


Once you agree and give permission sought by the website to place a cookie, this piece of data obtains information from your device. A cookie is located on your hard drive, and its purpose is to customize the website to suit your needs, through your specific patterns.

Traffic log, authentication, and tracking cookies are used by CNDcasinobonus.

The patterns on the sites as well as your favorite pages are identified by traffic log cookies.

In order to identify whether the login was used and in relation to which particular account, authentication cookies are used. Thus, the login process ifs enabled by these cookies which help in protecting sensitive information.

With tracking cookies or third-party cookies, one can obtain more information regarding users from third-party sources, which the user may have engaged with.

Disclosure of personal data, security, and storage of information

At CNDcasinobonus, we respect your right to protect your data. Hence no personal information of any user is shared with another party without express permission for the user, or under these conditions:

  1. The information is only provided to third-parties that are trusted by the company. Moreover, a robust confidentiality agreement is signed. The third-parties may be the following types of companies: email delivery systems, SMS service providers e.t.c
  2. In cases wherein we receive a court order to divulge information
  3. If an acquisition or merger is executed, the information obtained on our site will be forwarded to the buyer, before which, users are notified about these changes.
  4. We also store information such as your IP address, web browser details, the accessed page coupled with time of the access on a secure server situated in the US. Moreover, AWeber in the US stores your email as well as other data you have submitted when signing up for the newsletter.
  5. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, all the information that you have provided while signing up will be deleted from our servers as well as the servers of the third-parties, in adherence to the Canadian Data Protection law.

Updates to the privacy policy will notify you about any modifications and changes to the privacy policy.