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Promotions devised for roulettes, specifically for Canadian players, is what we refer to as Online Roulette bonuses in this article. Such games are entirely chance-based, wherein a player is required to spin the wheel and wager on any digits of their choice.

This section explores the primary aspects of the various versions that you may come across, a few tips and tricks you can leverage, as well as the different types of bonuses that can be availed of while playing these games. Moreover, we have also collated a list of the best Roulette casinos present in Canada, which offers deals that enable users to play in a secure environment and make the most of the games in this field.

About online Roulette sites

Interestingly, this is the oldest type of game in the field of gambling. It began in the late 18th century in Parish and quickly expanded across the world. This particular title includes a wheel that demonstrates numbers from 1 to 37/38 in the colours of black and red.

The stats of the year 2015 reveal that 42% of the players tend to incline towards this game, while 46% like blackjack, 61% prefer lottery, and 90% is comprised of fans of slots.

According to statistical researchers held in 2015, 42% of players prefer this kind of action, 46% like blackjack, 61% lottery and the slots fans are around 90%. Although there are many players who would prefer to play other games, results substantiated that those who prefer this title, typically wager about C$150 during their last attendance at a table. Conversely, those who prefer Blackjack and slot typically spend C$90 and a minimum of C$56. Therefore, although online Roulette casinos are not as popular, the amount of money spent by each player makes up for it!

However, it is safe to state that this particular title is gaining increased popularity, which can be evidenced by the fact that several new games have been produced as well as the fact that there are consistent launches of 2020 top Roulette sites.

Types of Roulette to check out

The gambling industry has produced four different variants of this game. This section will explore the types that you will encounter as well as the primary differences between them.

European: This is a widely common game that you will most likely encounter. This game is a single zero version wherein the title integrates a lower house edge, usually ranging from 5.3% to 2.7%. In simple words, there are greater chances of you reaping better benefits from your bet.

American: In this case, although the rules and other characteristics are quite similar to the one mentioned above, the primary difference is that the board includes one extra space, which is nothing but the double zero. Thus, the house has comparatively higher chances of winning.

French: This is quite similar to the European title in many ways:

  • The pockets, 37 in number, alternate between red and black.
  • There is also a zero digit and moreover, there are lower chances of the house winning.

One specific benefit offered by this version is that it provides an opportunity wherein you need not lose your wager even when the ball ends up on the zero pockets. Two rules applied during zero situations determine this process – En Prison rule and the La Partage, both of which offer the player with equal chances to win.

Live to stream and live Roulette casino: A novel innovation in this field, this allows players to enjoy the aforementioned three variations, with a live dealer croupier. Sitting on a real tale, they will manage the session in real-time. Needless to say, the biggest advantage it offers is that the winning number is not determined by a Random Number Generator, and instead, the deal tosses the ball. This alternative allows players to experience the game in a manner similar to what is experienced in a brick-and-mortar casino. The only (and big) difference is that it can be played from the comfort of your own home.

Although each of them guarantees several hours of entertainment, it is a good idea to test all of them before you pick one of your likings.

Roulette casino Canada Tips & Tricks

We have collated a few useful tips that you can keep in mind when you begin playing. Go through each of them cautiously, and if you leverage them well, you will win the maximum number of games.

Wagering requirement: Typically, promotions are not unconditional. In other words, they are accompanied by the wagering requirement. One major difference between this and the other titles is that in this case, there is little contribution to your turnover conditions. For instance, let us say you have played through C$150 at ta table. For each dollar that you bet, only C$0.05 or C$0.10 would have been played towards meeting the rollover requirement.

Winning odds: Needless to say, your chances of winning will increase if you bet on more numbers. In betting, there are two vital groups: the Outside and the Inside one. The names are associated with their position in the layout of the table. Although there are better chances of winning associated with the first category. However, one disadvantage is that the payouts are comparatively lower. Although there are lower chances of winning with the second category, the payouts are much bigger. If you ask us, it is a good idea to place an Outside bet on Column and Dozen, covering 12 digits. In the case of the American version, the chances of winning are 31.58% while it is 32.43% in the European version.

Special online Roulette bonus: Specifically for this particular game, many platforms offer exclusive deals. However, before you seek membership on such platforms to enjoy those exclusive benefits, it is important to look at the various variations it offers. It is important to ensure that there are several games on the platform so you do not lose interest very soon. Furthermore, some deals may only be claimed through customer support so always get in touch with a rep to learn about the current offers.

How to pick the top Roulette sites: Since there is consistent growth in the gambling industry, you may find it quite challenging to find a website. In all honestly, it is quite easy. Some other things must be considered when you begin to choose a website, which are:

  • A wide variety of games offered by renowned software providers
  • User-friendly interface
  • An assortment of payment methods
  • Simple, unambiguous terms and conditions

Robust customer support

Keeping these in mind will ensure that you won’t deal with any issues later. Moreover, to make things a little simpler for you, we have collated a list with the best Roulette bonuses. The list we bring to you only includes top Roulette casinos Canada. Furthermore, we conducted several tests and verifications to ensure that the environment is safe for you to have fun.

Types of bonuses you will encounter

One great advantage associated with engaging at Roulette casino Canada is that there an assortment of promotions that are offered. We will walk you through different kinds of offers that you may come across, the pros and cons associated with them, as well as how you can claim them.

Roulette welcome bonus: This is perfect for those who are just entering gambling. This is an offer that can be availed of once you become a member of a site of your choosing. This can include a first deposit offer, free spins or multiple deposit bonuses. Do remember that the offer will be valid only in the specific game that you are playing. Moreover, this is a great way to become familiarized with the world of gambling and hone your skills to compete better in the future. One disadvantage with this kind of offer is that as mentioned already, the wagering contribution is meagre. Hence, you must make sure to choose a welcome bonus that is specific to the game.

Free Spins: This is a very common deal, with a downside that you can avail of a limited number of free spins. However, it is a good enough beginning.

Cashback: The majority of online casinos offer this promotion to entice them to increase the time they spend playing the game and consequently increase the chances of winning as well. This promotion basically allows you to make some of the money you may have lost.

Though there are very few Roulette bonuses Canada, we managed to collate the list of best promotions of this year. Thus, your focus can be fixated on your gambling session only. Go through the list below and choose one that aligns with you!

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125% Up To C$300 + 200 Free Spins On First Deposit At 21Prive


100% Up To C$100 + 15 Free Spins On Shangri La At Casino RedKings


Interface for portable devices
Since technological advancement is occurring at an unprecedented rate, it is now possible to play at live Roulette casinos. You can access this sophisticated title using any of your portable devices. You can either use your browser to access these gaming sites or install the dedicated app of your chosen platform.

First Deposit Of 80 Free Spins On Book Of Dead At PlayOJO


200% Bonus Up To C$/€500 + 150 Free Spins For New Players Only


The experience delivered will not be far from what the desktop version has to offer. Furthermore, it has been devised to run smoothly, regardless of the operating system that your device uses. It is very easy to place bets using your portable devices, due to the fact that all you need to do is tap your screen. Thus, take your phone out, choose a 2020 Roulette bonus, juxtapose it with a great title, and you are good to go. It is literally that simple.

200% Up To C$/€200 + 100 Free Spins On The 1st deposit


Get 150 Spins & A 150% Bonus For Your First Deposit Bonus


Moreover, although this particular game has its advantages and disadvantages, it has become quite popular among Canadian players. Furthermore, technological advancement has enabled individuals to spend countless hours getting entertained while earning money, at any time and any place, with a portable device. Take a look at the list we have collated for you and get ready to have fun!

First Deposit Bonus Of 200% Up To C$2000 + 200 Free Spins At CASINO-X


100% Bonus Up To C$3500 For Your First Five Deposits


Our advice: Play responsibly!

100% Bonus Up To C$/€1500 + 250 Free Spins On Your 1st Deposit