Terms of Use

The website of CNDcasinobonus is operated by Giurgea Ionut Technology SRL, which is a company registered in Romania.

You acknowledge that by accessing and making use of the services offered by CNDcasinobonus, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions listed below. We highly recommend going through the listed terms and conditions and the privacy policy before you begin to use the website. Moreover, by using this website, you warrant that your age us above the legal gambling age.

At any point in time, the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of the website may be altered and a message will be posted on the website to notify the users about the same.


Our Terms

The terms and conditions listed by CNDcasinobonus define the agreement that the users enter into, by using the website and the repercussions of non-compliance to the same. The following terms are true and used by CNDcasinobonus.com

  • The use of the term “Website” refers to www.CNDcasinobonus.com
  • Within the Terms and Conditions, the terms “We”, “Us” and “Our” refers strictly to CNDcasinobonus.com.
  • The term “you” is used to address “you”, who is the individual(s) accessing the Website.
  • The usage of the terms “Agreement” and “Consent” are associated with all the terms, conditions, and notices put forth in this document.

Please go through our terms and condition before you use the website.

Content of the Website

The content that we present on the website was created by us and we own complete rights to the same.

If you copy the content that we post on CNDcasinobonus, it would be considered as copyright infringement and it is punishable by law in Canada. This includes the act of camouflaging articles and reviews on blogs and presenting them as your own on your website and also leveraging the information to update your own portal and forum.

Moreover, as the website is a bonus aggregator, the act of copying bonus codes and bonuses that have been exclusively assigned to the site is also punishable by law.


As stated earlier, CNDcasinobonus functions as an aggregator and hence, is not responsible to handle any complains or disputes that could arise between the users and the casinos that have assigned the bonuses. If you wish to resolve any issues, ensure that the casinos you are engaging with have been licensed by a serious licensing authority such as Curacao, Malta or Gibraltar. Moreover, it is important to learn how to avoid issues with casinos. You can find more information on that in our responsible gambling guide.

Children protection

By accessing and using this website, you warrant that your age is more than the established legal gambling age, which is anything over 19 years in all regions, barring Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, where the legal age is 18+. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the parents to protect their children from this website. Thus, it is recommended to install parental control programs on your computers to ensure that young children are not exposed to gambling content.

Information and accuracy of the listed bonuses

You agree that the website as well as the associated third parties will not be held responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness and suitability of any information published on CNDcasinobonus. Needless to say, the content displayed on the website can be subject to human and machine error. Hence, it is advised to take up any potential issues with the casino’s support team.

We do realize the importance of the validity and accuracy of the data that we present and hence, we vow to make sure that the data offered is legit and valid to the best of our knowledge. Please go through the terms and conditions of the casino before you make any real money deposits.


CasionBonusCA does not warrant that the website will be devoid of bugs and viruses at all times. Hence, we highly recommend installing virus protection software when you browse the internet to ensure the safety of your device.

The Canadian law enforces punishment on individuals who use a website to plant viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs and other material that might cause harm to other users.

Linking to CNDcasinobonus

You are permitted to link to the site. However, you may do so only in adherence to Canadian law. In other words, you cannot do so in a manner that threatens or damage our reputation. At any point, CNDcasinobonus reserves the right to withdraw the linking permission without prior notice.

External Links

As the site operates as a bonus aggregator, you will encounter several links that redirect to an external website. However, CNDcasinobonus cannot be held responsible for the content provided by the sites associated with those links, since it retains no control over their operations.

The applicable law in case of legal disputes

Canadian law governs any conflicts between CNDcasinobonus and users or companies. Thus, both parties agree that Canada is the only jurisdiction for that purpose.