What age must I have to play casino in Canada?

Millions of players log in to different online casinos to place their wagers on different games, including slots, pokers, and even bets. The number of gamblers is increasing every day, and with it, the industry keeps expanding.

This fact can increase some players’ hype, while others can confuse them, especially those who are new to gambling. Some players are new to the industry and wonder about some of the most crucial legal aspects of gambling in Canada.

We’ll clarify the most common doubts that new players have when playing casinos in Canada.

Legal Gambling Age in Canada

There are multiple differences when it comes to the legal age of gambling. Although the general legal age is 19, you are allowed to gamble in Montreal since age 18. Therefore, your location is significant when it comes to gambling in Canada.

Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba allow players to gamble since the age of 18, too. These laws are valid for in-person gambling and online activities, and therefore, you will be required to “prove” your age in both cases to start playing.

What age must I have to play casino in Canada

Proof of Age

Suppose you’re ready to play in any Canadian casino. In that case, whether it is a physical facility or an online casino, you’ll must verify your age if you want to keep playing at your preferred online casino.

Proving your age not only implies that you’re complying with the law, but also it’s important to know who you are. It’s usual for in-person casinos to ask you for your government-issued ID, but things are slightly different when it comes to online options. In most cases, all websites will ask you to provide proof of age or identity.

You’ll need to verify your age during the registration process. Other casinos may allow you to sign up without this step, but they may require you to prove age when you attempt to withdraw your money.

It’s usual for websites to accept the following documents as proof of age and identity:

  • Most websites will ask you to upload a picture of your driver’s license or passport. Most websites will also accept your government-issued ID.
  • Other websites may require you to submit proof of name and address. This process should be more straightforward. You must submit a government-issued document. You can also upload a recent utility bill for further verification.

The verification process may take a few hours to complete, depending on the website. It’s